Ygomi Supports Development of Next Generation Telematics Protocol (NGTP)

LAS VEGAS (Consumer Electronics Show), January 7, 2008 – Connexis has collaborated with BMW Group and WirelessCar on the development of the Next Generation Telematics Protocol (NGTP), an open approach to implementing in vehicle telematics services.

NGTP is one of the initiatives Connexis has undertaken with vehicle manufacturers to help define future telematics services. The objective of NGTP is to create flexibility and scalability in the delivery of telematics, for the benefit of vehicle manufacturers and their customers, telematics communications unit (TCU) manufacturers, telematics service providers (TSPs), and content providers.

“We have deep experience supporting vehicle manufacturers,” said Kenji Ikeura, President of Connexis. “NGTP is one of several promising investments we’ve made to help meet the needs of the rapidly changing telematics industry.”

Open Solution Supports Interchangeable Back-End Services, Legacy Systems

NGTP offers a flexible solution with an open interface between the telematics delivery chain components – TCUs, TSPs, call centers, and content providers – and a technology-neutral “dispatcher” to communicate between the TCU and TSPs. A vehicle manufacturer can use the best offerings of various providers while maintaining a consistent driver experience. NGTP also enables TSPs and content providers to offer the same services to multiple vehicle manufacturers. An alternative to existing protocols, NGTP offers vehicle manufacturer’s customers access to new and updated telematics offerings over the service life of their vehicle.
The opportunity to collaborate on a set of open interfaces that give flexibility to both vehicle manufacturers and TSPs led Connexis to dedicate a year of engineering R&D to NGTP’s development. Bruno Simon, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Connexis noted, “We are pleased to have supported BMW on this project. Connexis’s collaboration with BMW on the new protocol is part of the company’s commitment to supporting the advancement of the telematics industry.”

Drivers Benefit from More Services, Lower Prices, and Greater Safety

Connexis helps vehicle manufacturers identify, develop, and implement a wide range of back-end communications technologies and business approaches. Over the past three years, Connexis has conducted a series of exploratory tests in cooperation with BMW and other vehicle manufacturers to improve the economics and customer appeal of telematics in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Connexis is currently co-developing innovative solutions with several other vehicle manufacturers, including the implementation of proprietary protocols in several countries. In the case of NGTP, specifications will be made public under a Creative Commons license to encourage innovation. The goal of all these efforts is to help vehicle manufacturers increase the quality and range of telematics products they can offer their customers while lowering costs.

Connexis believes that, in the future, both service improvements and cost savings may also come from alternative pricing options such as pay-per-use or one-time-only fees in addition to the subscriptions that are today’s norm. An added advantage of alternative pricing options is that they can provide safety services to customers for the service life of a vehicle. In-vehicle technology options, especially safety features, are increasingly important to drivers and government authorities worldwide. Better and more affordable safety options for drivers – as well as expanded market opportunities for service and content providers – are two of Connexis’s long-term goals. Noted Simon, “We believe the entire telematics ecosystem will benefit from our work.”

About Connexis

Connexis works with vehicle manufacturers worldwide to deliver superior, cost-effective telematics services through long-term partnerships. Our end-to-end capabilities include protocol conversion and data routing, call centers, and connections to content providers. Drawing on the capabilities of our sister company, SEI, a global provider of customized call center services, Connexis offers vehicle manufacturers many of the functions needed for a complete and flexible telematics solution. Our parent, Ygomi, and its companies have improved life and commerce worldwide for more than 30 years through the imaginative application of information technology.

For more information on NGTP refer to www.ngtp.org.

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