NGTP – Next Generation Telematics Pattern

Initiative to establish a standardized infrastructure for the delivery of innovative services to vehicles on the move.

In the challenging world of telematics there is a goal to simplify how telematics services are delivered. WirelessCar, BMW Group and Connexis (Ygomi)have developed the “Next Generation Telematics Pattern”, NGTP, to achieve this goal.

The objective of NGTP is to allow the delivery of new services more quickly as Telematics technology advances. Changing customer needs can also be more rapidly addressed by swapping out old services for new without the hassle of making technical adjustments inside the vehicle.

Furthermore, the NGTP framework can be used by all vehicle manufactures. OEMs with existing telematics business models, or those launching telematics services in the future, can benefit from the increased service offerings and open integration options created by the new protocol.

NGTP is a framework for industry-wide participation and will be a key driver in the future of successful telematics.

NGTP promotes openness and flexibility by separating the components of the telematics delivery chain, and introducing a ‘dispatcher’ to provide a single interface between the telematics unit in the vehicle and the telematics service provider. The open interface created by NGTP also enables OEMs to continuously provide new services to both legacy vehicles and new models over the entire vehicle lifecycle.